About Us
At Westcoast Business Solution's (WBS), our primary goal is to increase service levels lacking in the market. Our previous experience in the printed products industry, as well as with some of our largest competitors in the filing products industry, provides the best possible product and market knowledge.

WBS has steadily grown in size and volume over the past several years because we consistently provide superior customer service, extreme versatility and the highest quality products and competitive pricing. Our main focus continues to be on the legal industry. Law firms and/or corporate legal departments comprise approximately 90 percent of our business. We are quickly becoming known as one of the nation's leading supplier of products and services to the legal profession. Consequently, we have adopted a trademark known as "Your Solutions Partner".

WBS is small in size but "mighty" in providing service levels that others can only try to equal. We have aligned ourselves with manufacturing and warehousing distribution points throughout the country.

It is our objective to give our customers a pleasant and memorable experience each and every time they communicate with our company. We take great pride in our company, and each order we receive is viewed as the way we must prove ourselves to our customers in order to receive the reorder. When our customers speak of us, their expression goes beyond adequacy and satisfaction. They are enthusiastic about us and speak of us in superlatives.

At WBS, we help our clients improve efficiency while providing products that help increase revenue and productivity. Our key products are:
- Filing Products
- Legal Commodities
- Full Service Printing and Engraving
- Customized Service Components
- Graphic Design Services
- Specialty Marketing Items

As "Your Solutions Partner", we are in the perfect position to view all of your filing products, their uses, and the quantities you require. We then analyze the information and provide you with recommendations on whether a stock or a custom product would work best for you both in function and it price. We can then provide you with whichever product or products best fill your needs and keep your costs at a minimum.

WBS uses only the highest quality materials available. Our low overhead and high purchasing power enables us to pass on very aggressive pricing without jeopardizing our levels of service and quality.

Because our products are manufactured within the continental United States, with materials also purchased domestically, our turnaround times are superior to most of our competitors. Efficient manufacturing plants and outsource alliances empower us to provide within weeks, products our competitors can only supply within months.

WBS is also a distributor for major providers of stock filing products such as Smead and Oxford. However, as a non-stocking dealer, we do not have the overhead costs of a retail store, and therefore can pass on our cost savings to our customers.

We are currently providing warehousing services to a large number of clients. As the majority of our customers have multiple office sites that require access to the same products, WBS has developed several strategic alliances that allow us to provide national warehousing and shipping coverage.

WBS versatility also means that our inventory reporting can be tailored to meet your firm's specific informational and cost needs. By utilizing us as "Your Solutions Partner", you remove from your firm the burden of multiple-vendor management as well as inventory management. Each month you receive ONE report detailing ALL the products used during the previous month and how much of each product remains in inventory. Also, because we know from one moment to the next who is taking out product and what the remaining levels are, we can notify you in advance to re-order. This way, you do not need to wait for an updated inventory report in order to make a decision.

WBS provides Account Managers and Account Executives for customer support. Every Account Manager and Executive is well-versed on each and every account so that when you call our 800 number you are speaking with a person that can and is willing to help.

All of the orders we receive have quality checkpoints throughout the entire manufacturing process. Our manufacturing partners have been through several training courses that implement a total quality management (TQM) philosophy. Every press operator and assembly worker takes great pride in his or her work. They are responsible for "signing off" on completion of each of their jobs along the manufacturing process. They also share in a bonus that can only be achieved by quality performance and low waste percentages.

We stand behind our products 100 percent. In the event you are not satisfied, we will honor our guarantee.

Our clients are enthusiastically pleased with us and our products. In addition to outstanding products and cost savings, we also have brought to the table an extraordinary client-oriented manner and service levels that are bar none.