Expandable Pockets and Wallets

We can supply stock expandable pockets from manufacturers such as Smead and Oxford. However, our strength is in the custom manufacture of these items to your specifications and needs. Custom manufacture is much easier to afford than you might think, and the quantities more reasonable than you might suspect!

Corporate Kits
Our made-to-order Corporate Kits are quick and easy to receive! They are also manufactured at a great price!

Patent / Trademark Folders
Whether you have an existing IP Department, or you have just obtained one, we have an affordable line of three-panel folders. We can re-produce any existing folder already implemented. We can also help you to custom design a folder to meet specific needs. Contact us for details and pricing!
If you’re buying Patent folders from anyone else, you’re probably paying too much!

Brief Covers / File Backs
Stock or custom, we have the quality legal presentation items you need and want.